Things we can help with

We help you complete tasks and projects you don’t really want to do or feel overwhelmed by. These are all things we’ve helped clients with over the past two decades:


  • Curating memorabilia
  • Digitising old photos
  • Archiving of paper and information


  • Sort and compile years of paper documentation to prepare annual tax returns
  • Money tracking
  • Rolling super
  • Budgeting


  • Clearance of deceased estates
  • Property styling
  • Packing and unpacking for moves
  • Downsizing
  • Preparing your home for sale
  • Flipping or selling your home
  • Renting a property
  • Coordinate repair or restoration of items
  • Creating an insurance inventory
  • Insurance claims
  • Completing a safety recall for your car
  • Storage design for new builds or renovations


  • Work with elderly, low vision or physically/mentally challenged clients
  • Health fund and Medicare claims
  • Making sense of health or legal paperwork or files
  • Menu planning


  • Managing your time, diary, calendar, schedule
  • Routines and systems for work or home


  • Declutter any space
  • Sort pantries
  • Organise kids rooms
  • Room swap
  • Re-arrange rooms
  • Wardrobe/clothing edit
  • Storage audits
  • Streamline creative spaces
  • Organising attics, basements, sheds, workshops
  • Organising off site storage and archives
  • Office fit out and systems …

…and probably just about anything else you can think of in any space!

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