Looking for an organiser in Melbourne who can help you clear the family home?

Feel welcome to contact me with any questions you have about the process of working together.

Call [Australia] 0417 360 678 during business hours only. Please don’t text.

Or email lissanne [at] sorted.net.au and I’ll call you back, usually same day. And if you’re not sure, here’s how to pronounce my name.

I will never send you marketing, I won’t sell or trade your info.

No commercial messages are wanted as per the spam Act (Australia)

Speak soon! Lissanne. x

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Having Lissanne and team meant I could fast track the result and sell the property sooner. We achieved a higher sale price than if the home was not sorted. I didn’t feel overwhelmed and I wasn’t taken away from my other responsibilities. Every aspect was expertly taken care of. Historical family items were preserved and protected. They made a difficult job much easier. – SUE