Founded in Melbourne in early 2002, SORTED! organising & decluttering was one of the first professional organising companies in Australia, leading the way in a new industry. We’re the original, and the best.

We specialise in clearing estates preparing homes for sale.

Hello, my name is Lissanne Oliver, and the past 20+ years has been very busy. (If you’d like go down a rabbit hole, here’s my archive). 

I’m a

  • TV Presenter / Speaker / Voice Over Artist
  • Bestselling author, 100,000 copies sold in four languages
  • Qualified Trainer
  • Organiser and declutterer in Melbourne, Victoria, but happy to travel!


I love to help overwhelmed family members clear their loved ones property, ready for sale. I’m particularly exited to identify and secure the precious items that tell their story. That can be a sugar bowl, a box or trinket, or a cache of photographs crying out to be shared.

I invite you to give me call; I look forward to hearing what my team and I can help you with.

And if you’re not sure, here’s how to pronounce my name.

Lissanne never ceases to impress with her breadth of skills and can-do attitude. She’s saved me so many headaches, and made my life a lot easier over the past ten years. She’s managed three house moves for us, hands-on renovations, decluttering my great Aunt’s home ready for sale and managed a lot of paper organising.

She is superbly practical, wonderful with people and has real creative flair. I appreciate her generosity, humour, sensitivity and warmth. She works hard so I don’t have to!