We specialise in estate clearance in Melbourne, Victoria, estate clearance in Adelaide, South Australia and beyond (ask us).

Beyond the initial scope of works, not very much. You can be involved a little or a lot. We can work independently, with you or your loved one, or a combination of all three.

A stress free experience. We’ll take care of all the details, sorting, culling, distributing, recycling.

We’ll give you a “camera ready” home. We can style (stage) the property for you, we love the pretty end of the job. Or you can outsource this for additional cost. Remember the better presented the property, the greater price you are likely to achieve. Our homes always look and feel very welcoming.

Or, if your home still has residents, you can expect a safe and stylish result.

You might be surprised to find how difficult it can be to dispose of unwanted goods. For example, an auction house generally won’t accept china, unless it’s a full set. Is that painting worth anything? What about the fridge and microwave? Op shops don’t take small electrical…. do you really want to spend your time selling things?

We’ll take the stress out of it for you. We recycle as much as possible to avoid unnecessary landfill. We know how to recycle or dispose of things like prescription glasses, hearing aid batteries, x-rays and other obscure items.

Of course, go for it! This seems like the obvious option, but bear in mind:

  1. you may underestimate the logistics, the time and the energy involved and the expertise it requires to do it thoroughly and compassionately.
  2. Fatigue and overwhelm may cause you to make poor decisions
  3. you are emotionally involved … we are not (but we care a lot)
  4. we fast track the process, which is very important if you need to get the house ready for sale as soon as possible.

We have been doing this for 2+ decades, trust us to help you and save yourself the pain

It depends on your unique circumstances.

  • We can clear an estate quickly with a concentrated burst of time working to a deadline. Or,
  • our work is spread out over weeks or months, sometimes even years.

There’s no cookie cutter time frame – it can vary dramatically. Best thing to do is give us a call and we can talk more.

Experience. We’ve worked in hundreds of homes throughout Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney and regional areas since 2002. Our clients speak highly of us: we are honest, thorough, swift and compassionate.

Every item is accounted for, including valuables like cash, financial records, jewellery, crucial paperwork (hello will, hello property title) are hand delivered to you.

Bear in mind cash and valuables can often pay for our services: we want you to have these secured as soon as possible! All staff have police checks and references can be provided upon request.

We give you our word – a written confidentiality agreement – when we get started. We often uncover secrets and private information; these stay with us. We take the intimacy of this role very seriously.

First, we have a chat on the phone to find out a bit more about your needs, your timeline, our pricing etc.

Second, if you’d like, we can do a site visit or video call to better scope the works. (we can give you a ballpark price without seeing the space).

If you’d like to proceed, we then book you in and our team arrives to start the hands on work.

We are budget conscious, and always want to give you value for money. We’ll try and save you money every step of the way. A good example of that is we style the home using as many existing pieces of furniture, decorative items and soft furnishings as possible. You’ll also achieve an authentic look that is less sterile than 100% hired items.

Yes, certain items, absolutely. We can step you through how that works.

An estate is the name for the sum total of someone’s home/real estate and their goods & chattels (belongings, or sometimes we refer to it as contents). A deceased estate is the same but the person has died. We help you or your loved one no matter what stage of life you are they are at.

I’m not surprised. You are no doubt also looking after your loved one’s health, finance and legal requirements. It’s a lot.

Contact us today for a free, no obligation chat about how we can get started clearing your estate in Melbourne or Adelaide.

When it came the time to pack up mum’s home, our family home, Lissanne was an expert in everything we required. Planning and scheduling, sorting and categorising items to keep, donate or dispose of. Privacy was of the upmost importance when dealing with paperwork and photos. We found ways to honour memorabilia and precious items.

Lissanne brought energy, guidance, honesty, integrity, compassion and sensitivity to each session. We attained great outcomes for our whole family.

She ensured a positive and smooth journey wrapping up our family home. I could just relax about the process.