Downsizing Case Study – Manage Your Downsize With Confidence And Ease

My husband and I were gearing up to move from our home of 30 years to a much smaller home: from our large 5 BDR home down to a compact 2 BDR in a neighbouring suburb. We’d made the purchase, so were under pressure to get our place on the market before settlement.

Immediately, I could see how time consuming and challenging it was going to be. There were so many decisions to make about what stayed and what needed to move on. There were so many memories at the house.

One terrifying area to deal with was my home office. There was so much crammed into my office nook AKA The Bermuda Triangle, I had no capacity to do this job on my own. It was completely overwhelming to me and I had no idea where to even start.

My daughter tried to help, but emotions ran high, and we got bogged down with the minutiae. I could see we were making snail’s progress. We gave up – in tears – after just one day.

A friend had used Sorted regularly over the years, so we chatted with Lissanne and organised a timeline of support. Over 3 months, Lissanne helped take the pain out of the process, really project managing the entire transition so we didn’t have to stress.

They took care of all the details, from measuring up furniture to assess its suitability at the new property, to arranging items to be valued, sold or auctioned, donated or given to friends and other family members. Countless loads went to the op shop and lots was recycled as well. It was so much more efficient that trying to do it all ourselves.

Lissanne brought energy, guidance, honesty, integrity, compassion and sensitivity to the process. She absolutely saved our sanity. We achieved a great result in a limited time frame, and it was a smooth transition. The property sold, settlement happened and we are now unpacking in our new home: I couldn’t imagine achieving this result without Sorted. It made a huge difference.