We offer full service – we take care of everything.

We are full service: from sorting to styling and everything in between.
We take care of everything you need from start to finish.
We’re your one-stop shop.
No need to deal with multiple trades or services.

Be aware some estate clearance services send almost all belongings to landfill. We don’t. We take care.

We carefully prepare your home for sale or rent (or help you stay safe at home) by:


  • sorting all belongings: what to keep, donate, discard, distribute or sell
  • decluttering of any space in a home including attics, basements, sheds
  • packing/unpacking for downsizing

Coordination and management

  • coordinate repair or restoration of items
  • coordinate trades/suppliers for carpeting, painting, gardening, cleaning etc 
  • coordinate sale or auction of certain items like jewellery, art, vintage pieces, furniture
  • create inventory of goods and chattels
  • organise off site storage
  • organise rubbish removal
  • organise recycling of electronics, paper, card, glass, aluminium, batteries etc.

Minimal items need to be brought in
The property is presented more authentically

  • style/stage your property with love and care
  • organise hire items if necessary
  • ready for you to engage a real estate agent

Digitisation and/or curation of historical and sentimental items
Legacy items are honoured, protected, preserved.
Easily shared and enjoyed by loved ones

  • creative curation of memorabilia
  • creation of creative keepsakes (eg bookmarks, pocket mirrors, tea towels, art prints),
  • coordinate transfer of old media formats to digital
  • coordinate digitisation photos

Personal and financial paperwork
We make sense of paperwork to finalise estate matters
Ensure sale or auction items have provenance

  • sort paperwork including letters and ephemera
  • shredding of sensitive information
  • collate property manuals and documentation
  • secure provenance of valuables
  • digitise important papers to preserve or share

Declutter for health and safety
Stay living independently for longer
Feel reassured you or your loved one is safe

  • declutter traffic areas and surfaces to eliminate trip and fire hazards
  • work with elderly, low vision, low hearing or low mobility
  • organise health paperwork or information
  • wardrobe/clothing edit or seasonal swap out
  • fridge/freezer/pantry clearance to ensure food safety
  • organisation of prescriptions, medications (inc Webster packs) to ensure safe administration by client
  • complete health fund and Medicare claims


With an extra large family and a very busy life Lissanne has come to my rescue many times to help sort out.

When my beloved elderly aunt went into care after a long illness her home and its belongings overwhelmed me. Lissanne’s kindness and efficiency put in place a plan for my aunt to make the smooth transition into care and for her property to be sorted and sold without any stress.

Lissanne’s professionalism, her authenticity and her skill set meant the transition was a painless one. Lissanne is a family treasure, and has come to my rescue so many times I’ve lost count.