Safe at Home Case Study – Decluttering for peace of mind

When my mother’s lack of mobility became apparent, I also noticed her belongings cluttering up walkways creating trip hazards. Surfaces were covered with things, and there were key hotspots in every room. Every cupboard was overflowing. I was worried she wasn’t safe. We both want her to stay living independently as long as possible.

I live interstate, so I’m not on the ground to attend to her affairs. When I do visit, I’m already kept busy helping manage things: taking her to doctors’ appointments, organising services and getting her out for some social excursions. There’s a lot that keeps me busy.

As she’s not as mobile or getting out as much anymore, it was important to have a creative space at home to enjoy, so organising and decluttering her painting studio was essential.

We booked regular weekly 3 hour sessions where Lissanne came to gently declutter with Mum, at her pace. Trip hazards and piles of stuff were compassionately dealt with, and traffic areas cleared up. Things were rehomed, donated, and every belonging was treated with great care. She felt listened to and understood. Mum enjoyed the time with Lissanne, who is warm and friendly and very skilled … she really became a trusted member of the family.

The result of a handful of 3 hour sessions was a streamlined, safer, clearer and more beautiful home for Mum.

Lissanne delivered a practical, meaningful and aesthetically pleasing space that Mum loves. She loves to paint, and having the studio better organised was a real joy for her. For me, it’s a huge relief that Mum remains independent, she’s safe at home, and that she was taken care of in a warm and compassionate manner.