My bestselling book contains 42 organising ‘recipes’ covering everything from work and paper to on-the-go and living. With over 250 organising tips, this practical and inspiring book will solve your organising woes. Translated into 4 languages SORTED! has been nominated for an international award and has sold over 100,000 copies.

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My fix-it “bible” on getting my crap together is Sorted! by Lissanne Oliver. She’s not snide or preachy and it’s about baby steps and a light at the end of the tunnel.
Jacqueline Pascarl, The Good Weekend Magazine

This is a fantastic little ‘bible’ for getting your life into order in the most literal sense. It’s easy to read, can be used as a reference for looking at one topic at a time, has a sense of humour and reality, and touches on the psychology of mess and organisation. Very timely for me and really changed my approach to a lot of things. Thanks Lissanne!

SORTED is one of my favourite organising books I own, I have read this many times and it is always useful and has lots of good ideas and advice.

I feel like my best friend has come over to my house, held my hand and said “it’s going to be alright, we can do this together.

It’s brilliant! I’ve already implemented a couple of the recipes and read it cover to cover. It’s concise, to the point and very user-friendly. Well done Lissanne and thanks again – as a full time working mother with a family of four and elderly parents to assist on a regular basis I am extremely time-poor but now I can actually see some light at the end of my tunnel and it’s not a train!!

I most certainly found your book a lifesaver! I have read it cover-to-cover and refer to it regularly on my sorting journey. So far I have sorted my home office (which involved FILLING a council bin with recycling!!!), my kitchen & bathroom cupboards and my baby’s nursery. Slowly but surely getting there! My husband thinks I am highly amusing as my new favourite phrase is “visual clarity”.  So thank you so much for your inspirational book – there are so many resources out there on getting organised but a lot of them just make you feel guilty for being disorganised – whereas yours was completely empowering. Cheers!

Dearest Lissanne, You are an absolute angel! Thank you thank you thank you thank you for writing that book … I have read it from cover-to-cover … and have STARTED! So far, I’ve gone through all my financial paperwork and personal important documents (like bank statements, super, motor vehicle receipts, etc) and have thrown out … wait for it … 3 plastic bags of unnecessary documents! Included in all that, are all the cards, letters and notes I’ve received for the past 10 years, that I’ve hoarded around for nothing. Now all my documents have dwindled down to two small folders worth of documents. I’ve started to de-clutter everything from beauty products to shoe collection! Again….THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I’ve recommended your book to all my friends, and even my boyfriend has started becoming more organized at work! We work together, and he spent a record 40 minutes yesterday de-cluttering his desk and removed papers from there that date back to May! You are amazing! Keep up the good work.

I was browsing through my books earlier and came across one of my favourites: ‘Sorted’, by Lissanne Oliver! I bought it when it was first released and it was one of the few self-help books I have ever a) read from cover to cover, b) followed advice from, and c) kept. I love ‘Sorted!’ It has really helped me.

I really enjoyed reading your book and got lots of little tips from it.

That little book you wrote is a national treasure!