Estate clearance

Your parent or loved one is moving into care, or it’s time to sell the family home. You need to downsize or clear a deceased estate. You don’t have time to do everything, and it’s a big job – where would you start? It’s a lot.

When someone’s been at the same address for a long time, it’s tough to go through every item and make those difficult decisions. It’s time consuming for you – you already have a lot on your plate.

We can organise one room or an entire estate:

How we help if you’re selling your property:

  • practical hands on organising
  • sell, donate, dispose and distribute belongings
  • ensure important belongings are located and distributed to loved ones or appropriate new homes
  • minor repairs or renovations to your property
  • styling using your own content; minimal hire of extra items
  • camera-ready property makeovers to give you the best possible sale price.

Having Lissanne and team meant I could fast track the result and sell the property sooner. We achieved a higher sale price than if the home was not sorted. I didn’t feel overwhelmed and I wasn’t taken away from my other responsibilities. Every aspect was expertly taken care of. Historical family items were preserved and protected. They made a difficult job much easier.


How we help if you’re staying in your home:

  • all of the above (minus the styling if you wish) with a focus on creating safer spaces for seniors, to avoid risks to health, safety and wellbeing. Tailored for the individual’s needs and circumstances.

SORTED! came to assist my elderly mother in her home. I’s been a huge relief to have Lissanne on board. She took the pain away making mum’s space safe, ensuring everything was easy for her to access, and stylish too. It brought my mum a lot of joy to enjoy such a beautiful room, and took a great burden off me.


Also see our FAQ.

With an extra large family and a very busy life Lissanne has come to my rescue many times to help sort out. When my beloved elderly aunt went into care after a long illness her home and it’s belongings overwhelmed me.

Lissanne’s kindness and efficiency put in place a plan for my aunt to make the smooth transition into care and for her property to be sorted and sold without any stress.

Lissanne’s professionalism, her authenticity and her skill set meant the transition was a painless one. Lissanne is a family treasure, and has come to my rescue so many times I’ve lost count.


Call now for a chat about how we can take the stress out of clearing out your estate.

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