Featured widely in the media, Lissanne is the fresh face of organising in Australia. If you’d like to see more, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Talking Tidy on Sunrise

Officeworks Ambassador / Master Your Workspace campaign

Team SORTED! member Sandy Newton-Kearnes makes an appearance too!


Your Life on the Lawn
13 episodes, Channel 7, 2003
Lissanne is the only organiser to have featured on an Australian television show about organising. Your Life on the Lawn is all about getting organised and moving clutter. The entire contents of two overwhelmed rooms were moved onto the lawn where the owner was confronted by exactly how much they owned! Then began challenging process of sorting through everything and making tough decisions about what should stay and what should go.

“Professional ‘organiser’ Lissanne Oliver is a welcome addition to this TV genre. Cool, calm and collected – as if stepping straight from The Secret Life of Us, – she’s the kind of person who’d fold the clothes at an orgy. Oliver’s a good find and her orderly skills will be the envy of slobby couch potatoes around the nation.”  Television with Andrew Mast, Inpress

Better Homes and Gardens
Lissanne was a presenter for all of 2005 – 43 episodes.  The season was repeated on Foxtel until 2008.

In 2005, Lissanne presented on the Logie award-winning Better Homes and Gardens.lissanne-headshot Better Homes_4