Lissanne never ceases to impress with her breadth of skills and can-do attitude. She is superbly practical, wonderful with people and has real creative flair. She’s managed three house moves for us, hands-on renovations, decluttering and managed a lot of paper organising over the years. I appreciate her generosity, humour, sensitivity and warmth. And she works hard!


I had an enormous amount of stuff in my house and a messy desk that had been building for years. I was overwhelmed and disorganised and wasn’t sure how to tackle it all or how to begin. Lissanne listened and immediately knew how to pull it together. She gave me confidence to continue on my own.  I have since hired Sorted scores of times, learning so much as I go along.

Lissanne is discreet, trustworthy and consistent. She’s has an endless supply of golden tips for success and she keeps me inspired and motivated with every visit.  It has transformed the way I function in my life and has freed up a lot of mental space.

Lissanne has a natural talent for getting things done and staying one step ahead of what needs doing. I could not have survived without her assistance in running my incredibly busy life and home office over the past decade.


Once again, thanks so much for all your help/advice/ideas at our session on Wednesday. I had a fabulous time and am now looking at everything so differently! We have more stuff to go and Paul and I are looking forward to continuing the process. The kids are getting the idea of packing up too – how good is that?


Loved your VERY practical approach.  Stuff really did get organised, not just put away.  Appreciated the practical ideas to prevent problems from reoccurring.


The extraordinary, and dare I say it ridiculous result at the auction was thanks to your beautiful work.  So thank you! Thank you for your gorgeous, organised, visionary, creative and practical work to transform our house into something people wanted to pay $1M for! The house has had more love, attention, thought, care and style in the last three months than the entire five years I’ve lived here. I am utterly convinced that your beautiful work got us that crazy price-tag!  THANK YOU!


You wildly exceeded my expectations.  Your service was high value, on time and on budget. You were highly professional and engaging. You were thorough in your audit, listened attentively, and your insights were relevant and creative. Your work will help us get the most from our house.



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