SORTED comics – organise your kids

NEW!  Bestselling author Lissanne Oliver presents set of 6 organising comic books:

Organising is a valuable life skill that underpins success. These books will help you in your journey, and are a valuable teaching aid.

sorted comicsFeatures

  • Content rich
  • Easy to digest
  • Professionally illustrated by artists
  • Dozens of practical tips
  • Includes worksheets
  • Visually rich
  • Stories based on real kids/teens


  • Learning outcomes a valuable tool – helps you understand what your child is learning
  • Resource you can revisit again and again
  • Suitable for a broad range of ages
  • Helps frustrated, overwhelmed parents and carers

NEW: Check out our free colouring pages that show you inside each comic!

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These [comics] are great, and now our new coffee table books- caught mr 10 sneaking a reference peek while getting ready! 😉


The comic books have been great in helping get my daughter (& husband!) on board at home. This is especially helpful as we have to keep a very strict cleaning & tidying regime to help manage our son’s chronic allergies.

Marianne Goggin

My three girls love the stories, my youngest keeps them on her bedside table! The comic books have made a big impact on them all keeping their rooms tidier which has been a huge help (and relief) to me.


My kids LOVE your comics!  They really love the stories and they are so beautifully illustrated, just lovely. They are really well put together, and my son particularly loves the format (he loves comics). We read them regularly.

Olivia Ball

Really great! One comic made me switch off the telly and spend 30 mins organising myself!

27 year old

Gorgeous books!  They are a fantastic resource you can revisit.


Last night I was thinking about how effectively I’ve decluttered my life since drawing that Kimi comic. All my housemates have lives full of useless and broken crap and I just don’t! Anyway. Just letting you know that you’ve helped another hopeless case.

Pat Grant
 (Kimi and her clutter illustrator)







SHOP NOW:  AUD$15 for the set of 6, digital delivery   btn_buynow_lg