SORTED! are Professional Organisers established in 2002. We offer hands-on organising for your home and office.

Service area
Our head office is in Melbourne, but we offer:

Professional Organisers in Melbourne
Professional Organisers in Sydney
Professional Organisers in Adelaide

Why choose SORTED!?
Not only are we skilled at organising, we’re creative, experienced and regularly invest in training and development. This is a unique and valuable offering: we’re great problem solvers who can think outside the square.

Overwhelmed by clutter?
We help you through a process that can be overwhelming and sometimes confronting.

Our process is 100% non judgemental.

Don’t know where to start?
We do: strategy is the cornerstone of our expertise. We will help you make good decisions about how to manage the physical things in your life and assist you to make better use of your time.

Don’t have the time or energy?
We provide plenty of motivation. Our enthusiasm is infectious! Many of our clients like us “keeping things moving” more than anything else. We can fast track your results.

Is disorganisation costing you?
SORTED! can help if you:

  • waste valuable time searching for things
  • need better systems
  • would like to use your storage better
  • frequently misplace important paperwork
  • wish things were less chaotic
  • don’t have enough storage space
  • waste money double buying lost items
  • feel frustrated by the chaos
  • would like to find more time in your day.

We organising paper and provide systems for paperwork.
Behind on your tax?  A speciality of ours is to organise tax paperwork!

You truly made a difference in so many ways… not just helping me get organised physically but mentally as well.

How SORTED! can help you with:

  • hands on organising and decluttering
  • maximising space
  • storage solutions
  • storage design (including plans for construction)
  • systems for paper management
  • systems for running your home or office
  • memorabilia displays
  • time management and productivity
  • tips, ideas and inspiration.

Organising is a skill you can learn. Our goal is to teach you this valuable life skill.


SORTED! offer a written confidentiality agreement for your peace of mind. Your home, office and personal details are private and we promise to keep it that way. Our process is 100% non-judgemental.

Prices vary depending on the city you live in and the consultant you choose. Please call us for full details.

Included in our fee is taking away items for charity and recycling.

Please note

We do not work with more than one person unless by prior arrangement.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
We know we do great work and like our clients say, we are “worth every cent”. That’s why we offer a Satisfaction Guarantee.

Booking a session with SORTED! was best thing I ever did – [a year later] I am still using all the systems you implemented. I was able to put many ideas into practice and now feel I have things under control. As a result, I feel less overwhelmed and less stressed.