On the market – house for sale / downsizing / deceased estate

Your parent or loved one is moving into care, or it’s time to sell the family home. You need to downsize or clear a deceased estate. You don’t have time to do everything, and it’s a big job – where would you start? There’s a lot to organise and manage. Or perhaps you simply want to renovate and extend your current home, or are undertaking a new build. I LOVE TO HELP CREATE YOUR DREAM PROPERTY!

How I can help:

  • strategic hands on work
  • decluttering, packing and distribution of content
  • styling using your own content; minimal hire of extra items
  • Consultation on renovation plans, new builds, new real estate purchases
  • camera-ready property makeovers to give you the best possible sale price.

    kitchen before
    Kitchen before sale

kitchen after
Kitchen ready for sale
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