Unit 6: More Case Studies


Case studies are one of the most popular elements of Unit 1: Consult with Confidence. This is a unique opportunity to put your skills to the test.

Using a series of photographs of real life client situations, this unit provides you with valuable consulting experience. What’s your strategy in each situation? Apply what you’ve learned in Unit 1 and then find out what really happened on the job and see the after photos. Two case studies are explored in this one hour unit. The case studies are designed to put your learning to the test, are challenging and fun.

Learning outcomes:

  • test your strategic skills
  • explore diverse, real life client case studies.
  • feel more practiced in dealing with any type of client.

I found it very useful to see what we would do with real-life case studies. Just to know what we can expect when we get out there and work. It was also very good to have the time to think, then express what we would do – to see if we are in the right track.  Also, to know what you did – to know what the expert would do.  Actually, what I love the most  is to know what other students would do, which was eye-opening to see how another PO would think.