Unit 1: Consult with Confidence

all you need to succeedYou will learn how to confidently consult with any client and achieve a great result in a limited time frame.  You’ll also receive valuable knowledge about running your business.

Learning Outcomes:

  • understand the fundamental skills, knowledge and experience you need to consult as a Professional Organiser
  • debunk common organising myths that both you and your clients have
  • explore OH&S issues and possible outcomes.
  • identify what can and can’t be achieved during a set time frame
  • identify your client’s situation and needs
  • raise awareness of achieving a good result for your client (and therefore earn repeat business and referrals)
  • explore different methods for achieving a good result
  • explore planning and time management skills
  • understand wrapping up and post session procedures
  • put into practice the techniques learned throughout the day using real life photographic case studies
  • understand the crucial doʼs and don’ts when consulting
  • feel confident about consulting.

The only thing I was disappointed with was that the day had to end. It was the first course/training I have done in a long time where I haven’t felt bored, tired and felt myself yawning constantly. I didn’t want it to stop.