Professional Organiser Training

Do you have natural organising ability? Do you love to help others? Are you good with people? Then perhaps consulting as a Professional Organiser is for you. There’s massive growth in the Professional Organising industry around the world. You can learn valuable information and develop crucial skills from one of the best and most experienced Professional Organisers in the business, Lissanne Oliver.

You will leave this course equipped to consult with confidence as a Professional Organiser. You don’t have to learn the hard way: this course will fast track your success.

Do you know how to get a great result in a limited time frame for your client? Are you across the pitfalls and common mistakes? Do you know how to deliver exactly what your client needs? What must you never do during a consultation? What specific skills do you need to bring to the role? How much should you charge? What about forms, insurance and getting repeat business?

SORTED! offers:

  • Interactive, fun classes leaving you with plenty of tips and tricks to use with your clients.
  • Small group sizes: no more than 5 students so you have the opportunity to maximise your learning experience.
  • Content covering both domestic and business consulting.
  • Content suitable for start up or experienced organisers.
  • Credits towards industry certification (eg AAPO, NAPO, BCPO etc)
  • Upon completion, a certificate of completion and tax invoice.

For all the details, click the links below.

Unit 1 Consult with Confidence
Unit 2 So You Think You Can Organise?
Unit 3 PO General Knowledge
Unit 4 Dear Lissanne
Unit 5 Personality Crisis
Unit 6 More Case Studies
Why Choose SORTED training?
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Absolutely one of the best workshop training environments I have ever experienced. Very well delivered and my attention never strayed. I feel so informed of the industry and confident in whatever path I take.

Thanks for a fantastic workshop, and thank you for answering all my questions, you certainly gave me a lot more clarity. I am looking forward to applying all I learned on my next job.

Every unit was invaluable. The content and the way you delivered it were fantastic and the conversation that came from each topic has inspired me even more. You’re a legend. Thank you very much.

Had a great time yesterday. Felt like my head had expanded with all the extra knowledge you imparted.

That was another fantastic and informative class. If you’re new and worried that you don’t know much, the classes will provide a mine of information that you can use immediately and you get other people’s thoughts, outlooks and ideas. If you’re more experienced, you still learn new stuff, and you get reassurance that you’re on the right track! Win-win! And it’s fun! Bonus!

The content of the day was fantastic. We covered the areas that were immediately relevant and supportive of us starting our own business venture in Professional Organising. It was in depth, and had great examples for us to view, which gave me personally, an idea of what I may be faced with!”

Excellent value for money as it was practical information.

Comprehensive information focused on the important facets.

Loved the practical examples and the real life experience.

The only thing I was disappointed with was that the day had to end. It was the first course/training I have done in a long time where I haven’t felt bored, tired and felt myself yawning constantly. I didn’t want it to stop.