Kathryn Hennig

  • Organiser – Melbourne
  • Graduate of SORTED! POT Training
  • NAPO member
  • Member of NAPO’s prestigious Golden Circle acknowledging her veteran status
  • Bachelor of Arts (Interior Design)

Kathryn HennigFrom an early age, Kathryn has had a desire to arrange and organise. She has also enjoyed collecting journal material, and understands first-hand the joy that small treasures can bring. As one of five children (with parents who love to hang onto things) she’s had loads of opportunity to practise organising and decluttering!

Kathryn loves to plan and is an expert at realising the potential of a space. As a qualified Interior Designer, she’s spent many years organising people, multiple resources, files, information, time and documents.

Analytical by nature, Kathryn adopts a straightforward, hands-on approach to creating order from disorder. She believes that practical, intuitive solutions are crucial to success, and that the strength of the client/organiser bond is pivotal to the outcome of the relationship.

Kathryn believes that an orderly and visually balanced work (or play) environment will help you be more creative, more productive and more efficient. Experience has taught her that time invested in setting up structures and procedures to support a person’s work or home ideals can save time, money and sanity on a grand scale.

Kathryn loves to facilitate positive change and for her, this is the most satisfying aspect of being a Professional Organiser. She believes that sometimes, a change really is better (and its benefits longer lasting) than a holiday!  She also loves working with what you’ve got to help you make the most of it.

Kathryn’s been with SORTED! since 2005 and we love having her as part of the team.

Kathryn’s very pleasant to chat with a beautiful, gentle nature. I felt part of each process.  I liked that she turned up on time too; being respectful of my time is important.  I was very happy with the visible results.  I also learned a new use for my 5 drawer ‘tidy file’ – fantastic!


Kathryn eased into things so we started at a rate I could manage and took the time to find out where I’m at.  She also gave me a plan to go on with that was manageable.  Thank you!


It was a great pleasure to work with Kathryn. She has a great sense of humour, focus, design and beautiful handwriting! I love my wardrobe labels!!! ‘Sorted’ is a wonderful service business and I will certainly recommend you to family, friends, colleagues and students.