We know we cannot live in the past but the past lives with us

Charles Perkins

We help in practical and emotional ways in letting go of things, places and loved ones. We specialize in downsizing homes where there is often many years of accumulated belongings.

Drawing on decades of organising and decluttering (an intimate role) the SORTED! team specialise in organising around downsizing or end of life. We offer compassionate, creative, hands on assistance. We can guide you through times of great change.  We are experienced, trained, and resonate with the work we do.

We can assist with organising and decluttering for deceased estates, downsizing, moving into care. We offer:

  • home staging (preparation of home for sale or rental)
  • sorting and prioritising memorabilia or personal items
  • honouring special items through creative displays and storage
  • sensitive moving on of excess items
  • paperwork sorting for financial or personal paperwork.

We can also assist with ceremonies:

  • funeral ceremonies for your family animals
  • goodbye ceremonies for any space or place
  • letting go ceremonies for significant items or belongings
  • letting go ceremonies for anything that you feel loss over.

We create a safe, nurturing space where you can truly express what you need to. Ceremonies are highly personal, and we will guide you through the process. Our ceremonies utilise symbolism, music, spoken words, and the breaking of bread. Laughter and tears welcome. Our ceremonies are non-secular.

We offer bespoke, handmade, contemporary ashes and keepsake boxes. They are simple, feel lovely to hold and are made entirely to order. We specialise in collective pieces that are perfect when ashes are shared. They are also lovely to house secrets or treasured trinkets.

We offer our products and services Australia-wide and internationally.


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