Before and afters – deceased estate

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We recently had the privilege of working on a home needing to be sold in Melbourne.  Unfortunately, the elderly woman who lived there died and it was a major job to sort, declutter and distribute over a thousand items to friends and relatives.

Team SORTED! worked for some weeks to transition this beautiful home into a newer, fresher space, while retaining some personality and bringing out the best in the property.  Our goal was to make sure the home still looked lived in and not too staged or fake.

The estate was executed by her niece and nephew who had this to say of our work:

Phil and I had a look at the house this afternoon, and it’s gorgeous! Thanks for all your work, care, vision and creativity.

And once we had propped and styled (staged) the home for sale, she had to say this:

Hi Lissanne, the photos of Bess’s place look amazing! I’m transfixed looking at them. Congrats and thank you. Have a lovely weekend.

Ruth B

The agent told us we had absolutely improved the value of the property and that ‘presentation was everything’.  The best news of all, is the house sold prior to auction.  A wonderful result, and I think you’ll agree, these are great before and afters. I hope we can help you with home staging in Melbourne.  We loved this job.

After photos courtesy of Lauren J Marshall photography and used with permission of our client.


2 responses to “Before and afters – deceased estate

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  2. I haven’t died yet but I’m not confident that I can declutter in time. I’m seriously considering getting your team in sooner!

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