Thank you Reg Grundy

Reg Grundy has died aged 92 in Bermuda, in the arms of his wife, Joy. We have a lot to thank him for; he transformed television entertainment in Australia.
I’m very proud to have been contracted to Grundy TV on Your Life on the Lawn, in 2002.


My first presenting gig on Your Life on the Lawn, Grundy TV (2002)

My first presenting gig on Your Life on the Lawn, Grundy TV (2002)

Reg Grundy was a trailblazer, an icon, a genius. And while I never personally knew him (he was a private man and not at the helm when I was contracted), anecdotes demonstrate a unique character, one who won’t be superceded in the Australian television industry. He was conservative and loved nature, but in his professional life he was a skilled and gifted television icon. I tip my hat.
Grundy Television was bought out by Fremantle some decades ago, but Grundy’s history is concrete, we all know the stellar shows: Prisoner, Neighbours, Blankety Blanks, Sons and Daughters, The Young Doctors, Wheel of Fortune, Sale of the Century and many, many more. Reg started the most successful television Production Company Australia has ever seen. Kudos to him!

Reg Grundy, thanks for being part of my history and for entering our lexicon – you’ll always be much more than “Reg Grundies” (underpants) to me! I remember weaving a bit of Reg into a YLOTL episode – labelling a drawer with “Reg Grundies” to be seen in the background of a shot. The crew and I enjoyed paying homage.

Sympathies to Joy and all who knew him. It’s the end of an era. What an inspiration Reg Grundy was.


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