Too busy to declutter?

Busy year? Tis the season to get BACK ON TRACK!Cluttered bedroom

Please join me tomorrow night, Monday 28th December, on ABC 702 Sydney – broadcast nationally around Australia.

I’m a guest of Evenings with Nakkiah Lui, who is very much a mover and shaker (so I think we can get your clutter moving!). You can find her on Twitter here.

We’ll be taking calls – the national number is

1300 222 702


TEXT 0467 922 702


Looking forward to taking your calls, questions, comments!


15 responses to “Too busy to declutter?

  1. Hi Lissanne, thanks for the tip off about your guest spot tomorrow night, I’ll be listening.

    By the way I have just completed a course in editing and proofreading and couldn’t help but notice a typo about the date…28th January??

    All the best for 2016,

    Warm regards, Ronda

  2. Hi Lissanne. What time??
    P.S. Just started to re-read Corinne Grant’s Lessons In Letting Go as my paper clutter is getting out of hand again or still….

  3. Hey Lissanne I’ll tune in if I’m near a radio – reckon I could probably do with some decluttering. Hope you’re well and best for NY 🙂

  4. Is there a link Lissanne? Was out until 11pm and missed it all.

    (Hope your Christmas was wonderful😊☺!)

    Barbie Hingston.

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