Can’t afford an organiser?

IMG_2152.jpgI had the pleasure of assisting a client with paperwork today (yes, dealing with paperwork is a pleasure for me). We’ve worked together on and off over some years. She is no longer afraid to pitch excess items, and has simplified her filing down to the absolute nuts and bolts… she’s come a very long way.

Today, she asked for help to deal with a small unsorted backlog of paperwork and to work on a list of items she needed to supply to her accountant for tax returns.

Why did she need my help? Focus! She didn’t want to do the work when alone, and a short time in said “I would have given up by now.” Sounds just like me and exercise!

I kept us steadily on track. We collated and completed some paperwork for work reimbursements due to her. The total owed is a hefty $7,700 (it added up over two years). We also made way for her to process a couple of years worth of unclaimed health refunds for her family. I would not be surprised if her return on investment is close to $10k.

Can’t afford an organiser? Can’t afford not to!

AND we got all her tax information ready to go to the accountants…..

Thank you Lissanne for your expertise and speed and knowledge. Your time is so valuable to me and I am ever so grateful that you helped me get all that done and to the accountant in one day. I dropped it off. It’s DONE. Thank you thank you thank you.




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