Labelling office equipment

I have three <cough> four back ups. Mainly because I’m paranoid about losing photos (even though they are all in the cloud) and I’ve twice had external drives fail completely.

This makes all the cords and cables somewhat complicated!

I devised an EASY way to label the equipment. Washi tape! Simply use a different colour and you will easily and quickly know which cables and power cords go with what. Will work for labelling and sorting cables of all kinds. cable labels


8 responses to “Labelling office equipment

  1. Great idea for an annoying problem! My daughter uses it for crafts. I’m sure she will happily share with me:) Thanks Lissanne.

  2. I love this idea Lissanne!

    One thing I’ve done with my stereo and TV is take a photo of the setup so I can (hopefully) reconnect them in future. In the past I’ve been content to allow an alpha male who’s into stereos do that for me, but I’m determined not to rely on that strategy – I will defeat the stereo, no matter what!

    Now about that remote …

  3. I could use left over gift-wrapping tape? I’ve got plenty of that lying around! Also, loving the pics Lissanne!

  4. We use colored electrical tape in our office coupled with cable drops. Together it helps keeps things so much more organized.

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