IKEA modular sofa, still strong after 238 years


Back in 1980, my Dad purchased this modular lounge from IKEA in Hong Kong. Why a grown man decided to purchase a white lounge with 2 teenagers in the house, I don’t know! We were banned from using pens anywhere near it. I think food was a no-no too. It’s a classic, Swedish design that is absolutely timeless. It’s crazy comfortable too.

In 1982, Dad flat packed it and shipped it back to Australia. It lived in 4 different houses in South Australia. About 15 years ago, he no longer had a need for it, so he asked me if I wanted it. Yes!!! I definitely did! It’s super comfy, and versatile – AND has masses of storage underneath.  So Dad washed all the covers (actually he Napisaned them) and then managed to somehow fit the entire thing in his car once it was flat packed. He drove the 700+ kms from his home to mine, and I have enjoyed it ever since.

Around 5 years ago, I had it recovered. Of course, it was only after that that the foam decided to become old and flattened. Other than that, it’s in superb condition! If you think IKEA furniture doesn’t last, you’re wrong.

When someone was sick, they always got the corner by default. It’s the most nurturing position. It’s  also a throwback to being an unwell 13 year old, when I had to sleep sitting up in the corner thanks to terrible asthma.

Earlier this year, I decided this much loved lounge had probably reached the end of it’s run in our family. It’s flat packed again, ready to go. I was so reluctant to let it go. Was it the right time? I’m emotionally attached it. Dad (Gavin) put it in perspective for me:


IKEA Lounge

It’s not quite ready for the tip. In fact, it’s for sale for a token fee.

Have you a piece of furniture that’s been around forever? I’d love to hear.

UPDATE: October 2015.

new home

Happy to report, this much loved piece found a new home!


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