Wallet clutter


Noticed how many receipts are now incredibly long? this one from the supermarket is half a metre (1 foot, 7 inches).

Vaguely irritating, but I can deal.
What is really annoying is the actual total is completely hidden, and the savings are big and bold. What a waste of time and energy looking for the total. And in this case, the saving is just 1%.

It’s clearly all geared to SELL MORE STUFF!

C’mon retailers, there’s more to life than consuming more!


2 responses to “Wallet clutter

  1. I attended TEDx in Melbourne last week, and one of the speakers talked about receipts (including printed credit card receipts).

    What he focused on is the total amount of paper used to print these receipts, the number of staples that are used to attached the credit card receipt to the store receipt, and the power required to generate the raw materials.

    While I check receipts and invoices for big ticket items, I confess that I never even look at the supermarket ones – straight into the recycle bin. Where’s the option to NOT print the damn things in the first place?

    • I totally agree- we should have the choice to not take them if we like. I refuse any that aren’t automatic (fruit and vegetable stores or bakeries, that kind of thing). Thanks for the info geekgirlau!

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