First rule of organising

First rule of organising: deal with your stuff (or what I call content) first and storage second.

Here’s a collection of plastic tubs that were no longer needed after decluttering. My client had (understandably) tried to deal with her content by stashing it all away in containers. But what’s important is to first make decisions about what stays and what goes, THEN containerise.

You’re welcome!

Plastic tubs - no longer needed.

Plastic tubs – no longer needed.


7 responses to “First rule of organising

  1. Wow, that is so very impressive! I think I would be reluctant to get rid of all of the containers though, you know the ‘what if’ scenario (I know, I know, the idea is not to keep some for ‘just in case’!). Fantastic decluttering effort!

    • Trust me Jenni, we had plenty more (about the same amount) that had perfectly fitting lids that we could use in our final stages of sorting and stashing. Plus, content like camping stuff and kids clothing already stored in tubs. We had more than enough! Those shown were absolutely excess to our needs 🙂

  2. Hi Lissanne, In a home that has things stored in these tubs ASWELL as alot of general clutter in the rooms – would you recommend starting the decluttering process with the the tubs or the rooms first?

    • Great question, Wendy. You could take either approach, and I’ll explain the pros and cons:

      Starting with the tubs:
      Advantages: If you have them stored in the garage or out of the way, many of them may contain older items, and therefore easier to let go of. Also, you will likely create space for overflow from the house itself.
      Disadvantages: Again, assuming the tubs are out of the way, you won’t gain any immediate relief from the household clutter.
      House clutter
      Advantages: you will feel inspired by removing clutter that is “in your face”
      Disadvantages: you may have nowhere to move items that you want to keep, e.g. Christmas decorations to tubs in the garage!

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