Decluttering the plastic bags

Yes, you’re good, and you take a bag to the shops. But sometimes you forget, or like me, you purchase more than you intended.

Next thing you know, you have a huge bag of plastic bags. Or a drawer full. Or a cupboard crammed with them – wasting valuable kitchen space. Perhaps you cram them into a dispenser or you might recycle them (yay!) but if you’d like a more compact way to store them, here’s a good idea my Dad showed me.

Here’s a second method you could try – it’s much faster.

Yes, it may seem like a complete waste of time, but to be honest, I find it strangely therapeutic. Easy to do while watching tv or enjoying a chat with a friend. Give it a try!

Bulky bags take up a lot of space.

Bulky bags take up a lot of space.

neat and organised bags!

neat and organised bags!


9 responses to “Decluttering the plastic bags

  1. That’s a great tip Lissanne, I’m going to give it a go! I have a bunch of those Myer & DJ bags made of the thick ‘posh store’ plastic. will this folding technique work on them?

  2. Plastic bags, they multiply like rabbits!!!! Number two method is sooo me!! Mine are stored in a nice woven basket in the pantry, and funnily enough it is full to the brim and the level never seems to drop, even though they are continually used for small kitchen bin liners etc………( I use the “green bags” for shopping, but sometimes don’t have enough so end up with a couple of plastic ones)

  3. In Tasmania the crinkly supermarket style bags are banned. You can use non-crinkly ones that you buy at the shops for 15 cents, or I have made my own shopping bags out of skirts I sewed. I wear dresses now so I put my skirts to good use!! I miss the old crinkly bags, which I did store in one of those dispensers you can sew, but we’re used to it now.

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