By far the best course I’ve ever attended

What a wonderful testimonial from Bridie, recent graduate of our All You Need to Succeed 2 day Professional Organiser Training:

By far the best course I’ve ever attended, would highly recommend it to anyone, whether your looking at starting your own business or enhance your current one or simply for the practical tips and fun along the way. Not to mention all the laughs and fun along the way throughout the day.

I found the whole course totally engaging, Lissanne had us captured all day, I could of quite happily gone without lunch and kept going!!

I came away feeling extremely enabled, and found it a real bonus that we were able to interact throughout the day with others in the course and gain knowledge from them as well as Lissanne.

I loved the practical side to the day, where we got to do actual case studies. It made me feel empowered to start on my own journey of becoming a Professional Organiser.

More details here or email me for learning outcomes, prices and registration form.



2 responses to “By far the best course I’ve ever attended

  1. Wow! Lissanne amazing feedback. I have attended several of your public speaking events and must say that audience participation and engaging content delivery are your strong points.

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