Lifein Case: Organise what matters



After 13 years helping others organise their paperwork, I have to say, it’s important to organise what matters. VIP’s (Very Important Papers) need some love and attention!

I’m pleased to be the exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zealand for a new product called LifeInCase.

Featuring a solid case with carry handle, it’s the perfect place to store your VIPs, particularly in terms of disaster preparedness (fire, flood, evacuation of any kind).

It comes with 5 categories and checklists so you don’t need to rely on memory. I’ve personally created a specific Australian list for your use (this product is created in the USA).

LifeinCase is an organisational tool that:

  • takes the guesswork away: Offers convenient checklists of 50 essential documents to store in 5 categories.
  • takes the stress away! Checklist guidelines and 5 individual folders
  • empowers you! Encourages a positive approach in gathering documents and offers independence in managing important papers.
  • offers a handy place to keep it all: A 500 sheet capacity, grab-and-go tote is right-sized: small enough to store and travel with you, but large enough to hold all your essentials.

Important documents are expensive and time consuming to replace.

Update: September 2015
Unfortunately, we are no longer stocking this product. To purchase direct from the USA, click here.


7 responses to “Lifein Case: Organise what matters

  1. Hi Lissanne, what a great product! This would be a fantastic addition to a households bushfire preparedness plan!

  2. Terrific idea – I am interested in the 2 for 1 offer but when I go to the checkout it shows $90 for the offer not $45. Is there a code I need to enter? Thanks, Tracey

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