Nancy Nilfisk – energy sucker

I recently met someone who was a real energy sucker. Let’s call her Nancy. I quickly realised she was someone who really doesn’t ADD to the situation, rather someone who TAKES from the situation. Someone gave her the moniker “Nancy Nilfisk”. As in Nancy, the [vacuum cleaner brand]. She was a drain. Her constant chatter cluttered every single moment, there was no respite!Nilfisk_advance_logo The reason I mention this is that I feel there are sometimes peeps in our world who don’t add value… I feel they are clutter. Are there peeps you’d like to declutter from your life? [feel free to remain anonymous!]

Of course, apologies to Nilfisk!


2 responses to “Nancy Nilfisk – energy sucker

  1. Wow. Talk about pertinent. I have just spent last night, and woke up this morning, thinking about exactly how I remove a crazy-maker from my space, and how to minimise the collateral damage.
    I like to joke about how I handle people I can’t handle, but in truth it comes down to a simple lesson taught by adults when you’re young – just walk away..

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