Dumping the diaries – yes or no?

diariesA few years ago, I threw all my old journals in the recycle bin. Dream journals included (themes of Bryan Ferry and travel were common).

Because…at the end of the day, who cares about this stuff? Isn’t is just boring, uninteresting stuff?

Recently I discovered some years worth of diaries, that definitely told a story, but they were really just junky monkey. After a very quick flick through, into the open fire they went.

Do you stow or throw? Have your habits changed?


7 responses to “Dumping the diaries – yes or no?

  1. Still have mine in a small trunk. Long term plan is to scan to PDF, and THEN destroy … I do enjoy reading some of the older stuff!

  2. This is a great topic! I regret throwing one diary away from my early 20’s but that’s it. Would you print out your whole Facebook history & keep it? I wouldn’t! I keep letters that were sent to me. I find those to be even better than diaries. These pre-email gems were all my friends & I had to stay in contact & they’re a 2 person story. They evoke memories just as well.

  3. I was just thinking about some of mine from my late teens early twenties recently. I’m still undecided and still have them. I never read them but have thought about sifting through them to pull out stories that I want to remember. As a memory-keeper, I would include maybe in an album or something. The most interesting part is seeing how the things we value and see as being important change over the years.

  4. Hi Lissanne, I only have diaries from about the 1990’s onwards (disappointed that I don’t have any teenage angst stuff to read back on and laugh), but as my diaries are only of the pocket variety, they all fit in one small box so I will be keeping mine.

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