Dying to know Day

Dying to Know Day logo-01Organised peeps have a will. They have discussed organ donation. They have an advanced care directive, or have even left instructions for their own funeral. (I’ve done almost all of these and encourage my clients, friends and family to do same).  Unfortunately, in Australia, most are not sorted for end of life:
  • 75% have not had end of life discussions
  • 60% think we don’t talk about death enough
  • Over 70% of us die in hospital though most of us would prefer to die at home
  • Very few of us die with an Advance Care plan (less than 10 percent)
  • The number of Australians aged 65 and over will double by 2050 increasing our need to plan while well and share our wishes with our loved ones

Dying to Know Day is organised by The Groundswell Project peeps. They are behind the FilmLife Project, supporting organ donation. You may remember the brilliant FilmLife winner from 2013, the parody of Gotye’s “Somebody that I used to know“.

As part of Dying to Know Day this Friday 8th August, they’ve suggested some things you could do:
  1. Write or rewrite your will (you can start this process without a lawyer)
  2. Write or research your advance care plan
  3. Discuss your end of life wishes with a loved one
  4. Start a conversation with a family member about their end of life wishes
  5. Have the chat about organ donation
  6. Write an emotional will (not a legal document more an emotional one)
  7. Research your burial options – did you know you can hire a coffin?
  8. Check-in on a recently bereaved friend
  9. Read a book / watch a film about death
  10. Visit the grave of a loved one
  11. Attended a D2K Day event

I’m excited about all of these possibilities, but I think number 1 is my top priority at present! What might you do to participate?  You might hold a dinner, discussion or some other event. You can share your project on their website and they have plenty of tips and ideas there too.


4 responses to “Dying to know Day

  1. I didn’t know you could rent a coffin! That’s awesome. It’s got to be the most lavish, nonsensical and short-lived item one can purchase; thousands of dollars you set fire to …
    I found this Australian book a great guide to all things funereal, and very readable: https://www.mup.com.au/items/120907 Better to be informed, I reckon. If only because the recently bereaved have to make all sorts of decisions they’ve probably never thought about before and are very vulnerable to exploitation.
    Actually, having read this book, I’ve gone right off the idea of embalming and cremation.

    • Hazel, I would still encourage you and anyone in your community to participate on the 8th! I think the Groundswell peeps would be thrilled to have some international reach. It’s a brilliant concept, isn’t it?

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