This is how we say goodbye #NAPO2014

This is how we say hello at The National Association of Professional Organisers conference in 2014 (Phoenix, Arizona, May 2014).

Lissanne Oliver, Chantale Bordonaro and Kathryn Hennig

Lissanne Oliver, Chantale Bordonaro (conference chair) and Kathryn Hennig at the opening of NAPO 2014. Photo by Dan Slutsky

And this is how we say goodbye.

Boop bump with Julie Bestry and Lissanne Oliver.

Boop bump with Julie Bestry and Lissanne Oliver.


Big thanks to Julie Bestry for the record number of goodbyes ever (we kept bumping into each other in the foyer).  Julie has written a comprehensive run down on products featured in Expo, so check out her posts here. I’m keen to bring one of those products to Australia, stay tuned!

#NAPO2014 featured some super smart organisers doing amazing things, and a massive number of international attendees. I was proud to be one of them and also feature as a speaker, along with my colleague and very neat travel companion, Kathryn Hennig. I’m such a messy person when travelling, thanks for your patience Kathryn! She also had the poor misfortune of sharing a room when I had gastro… you are the perfect nurse, missy!


  • I saw triple the number of men at conference this year! Our industry is heavily dominated by women (the most diverse group, they are all wonderful) but I appreciate a man’s perspective to redress the balance).
  • Every year, NAPO makes noticeable changes to the conference based on delegates’ feedback. Things this year were more streamlined, better timed and the streaming of levels makes choosing sessions easy.
  • Presenting my class TEST YOUR TECHNIQUE: (quiz) learn tips and tricks was a ball – maybe around 120 people there and so many people commented about the laughing they heard coming from the room when walking by! My biggest compliment was from two attendees at the end:

    I’ve been organising a year and a half, and I just learned so much in your session

    then her friend added:

    I’ve been organising fifteen years, and I got so much out of your class!

  • Thanks so much to all who attended! If you’re interested in attending a very similar class, check out units 2 -6


Nothing like hanging with your peeps, and meeting new ones:

  • It was brilliant to befriend an organiser from Mexico (Claudia Torre), and to learn of Nigeria’s first organiser! Wow!
  • Discussions and laughs had between sessions were fantastic, and it was a joy to reconnect with Chantale Bordonaro, gifted relocation specialist in San Francisco and Joshua Zerkel (now working for Evernote – whoo hook!).
  • And of course, seeing my sorted sister Sarah Getzkin of Hands on Organising for a poolside cocktail, many dinners and chats and fun sessions makes the gaps between shrink. You’re just a darling! Look forward to seeing more of your work on TLC’s Buried Alive.
  • I’d mention many of you more by name, but this post would go on forever, so please forgive me. You know who you are!


So, #NAPO2015 is in Los Angeles and Kathryn had such a valuable and fun time she’s already booked her trip for next year.  If you attended, what class would you most like to see, or what would you most like to learn?


What do you think?

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