Organising travel resources

If you’re anything like me, you’re often tearing out articles from the paper or magazines detailing nice places to travel.Image

Here’s an easy way to organise your travel research:

  1. Categorise and chunk by destination (or budget, season, or northern/southern hemisphere etc) and slip inside a letter file.
  2. Then, take a sticky note, and flipping it over, so the sticky side is up, write your category title.
  3. Insert the post it inside the front cover of your plastic sleeve. This way, the label will never accidentally fall off or be ripped away.
  4. if you like, then store upright in a magazine holder.

Wasn’t that easy?

You can apply this technique to other kinds of paperwork too: think house renovation resources, research on a project, or even items that are on your wish list (films to see, books to read etc).

And remember, organising often takes place in stages, it rarely happens “all at once”. If you want to go paperless, it’s even easier! Go through each piece of paper and simply add links or notes to Evernote.

Create a note called “TRAVEL” and add information.  You might discover nothing needs scanning! As luck would have it, every article I’d saved over the years had a web link somewhere… I just googled the author and article title, then simply pasted the link I found into Evernote (although with Evernote, you can save the entire clipping if you like). If Evernote isn’t your scene, simply bookmark or create a Word document, or even try Tripit.

The only paper item I saved was a laminated, fold up map of Manhattan!

How do you organise your travel resources? Are they all in your filing cabinet, or stuffed into a folder somewhere? Where’s your favourite place to travel? Have you been there more than once? Or where haven’t you been that you’d love to visit?


2 responses to “Organising travel resources

  1. Hi Lissanne! I’m so happy that Arizona was on your recent travel itinerary! For your readers who don’t know, paper items with no associated websites can be photographed and uploaded to Evernote, which can READ the writing on them. Also, I like to forward/share my emailed hotel and airline confirmations to Evernote.

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