Shopping high part 2

Muji. That is all.



These containers sexify the most boring hand, face wash and shampoos. The repetition is a powerful design tool and the number one visual you should aim for if you want uncluttered!

I’ve had two for 15 or so years, (the only time I’ve ever truly had a shopping high was leaving a Muji Store on Kings Road in London.  Those little critters still look sharp today. Just purchased the above from the new Muji store in Melbourne.  I heard “mmm… beautifully crafted” as I stood in line to purchase.  So true, and such stellar prices and styling. Simple and relevant. Everything is pretty and practical.

PET Rectangular Pump Bottles

280ml $3.95

400ml $4.95

600ml $5.50

No wonder I bought masses of them, such an affordable makeover! What’s your favourite Muji product or store and why?

$ each, (my receipt not with me right now).


8 responses to “Shopping high part 2

  1. These are great!! I got one into which I decanted (hand)dishwash detergent. The new Palmolive formula tends to clog in the nozzle, drives me mad. They mean you to take off the cap altogether in frustration, and then use too much and have to buy a new bottle sooner. But I’m a step ahead of them, nyuck nyuck! Anyway, this works a treat.

    Another REALLY good thing with these packs and bottles is that the labels peel off easily and cleanly.

  2. PS … Muji is the only place I’ve managed to find a tiny funnel for decanting toiletries/cosmetics into cabinbag-allowance 100ml containers. (I searched high and low before last year’s trip.)

    • Hey Marinella! They are a bugger – not much of a google presence. Both their Aussie stores are in Melbourne: Chaddy and the new GPO ‘Emporium’ in the city.

      Muji Retail (Australia) Pty Ltd
      Chadstone Shopng Cntr Shp B124/ Dandenong Rd, Malvern East VIC 3145
      (03) 9563 3558

      Muji Emporium Melbourne
      Lvl28/ 303 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000
      (03) 9671 4974

      Hope this helps!

      • Hi Lissanne – I fell in love with these containers as soon as I saw them and contacted the store to have some shipped to Sydney, but no go! They don’t offer that service!!! If you ever decide to become a Muji ‘agent’ – let me know. I’ll be sure to place an order! Seriously though – how can they not offer at least mail order?

  3. Definitely the pp drawers! Great for wardrobe, bathroom, study etc. Love their clothes & stationery too.

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