Newsletter no more


After a decade of writing a monthly newsletter, I have decided ten years is long enough. It’s been a lot of words, tips, photos, stories and ideas over almost 200 newsletters shared with thousands and thousands of subscribers. I thank you for your beautiful emails, your shared stories and your camaraderie. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed connecting with you all! If you’re subscribed to receive Organising tips, motivation and inspiration, we will not be publishing after July 1st.

Good news!
You can get the same action, just at a different address. Between now and July, I urge you to sign up for blog updates via email. Go to our landing page and in the top right hand corner, you’ll see:

“Sign me up for blog updates via email”. Fill in your addy and you’re done!

The benefits for you:

¨  less information a little more often: smaller chunks are easier to digest

¨  information as it happens – no waiting for the monthly newsletter to roll around

¨  more organic content, and most importantly,

¨  you can be far more involved in the discussion!

I think it’s a really good move, and I want you to come with!

PS I’ll still write a newsletter for those of your on the Just for Professional Organisers list. The latter is aimed at anyone interested in joining our industry, working in our industry or feels they can take their skill to a higher level.


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