Funny hoarding video

This video is so much fun!  It features my Los Angeles based NAPO colleague, Julie Naylon. Enjoy!


6 responses to “Funny hoarding video

  1. Even if this was done with the willing cooperation and pre-knowledge of the victim, I would never find it funny – it was an exercise in humiliation and bullying.

  2. There is nothing funny about that video clip – all I saw was a very rude man humiliating someone who works for him. That was psychological damage being played out as “entertainment” – that was bullying. Do you really want this sort of clip to represent your industry?

    • It’s called comedy- Conan is a well know comedian in the US. Let’s not take it too seriously, having worked on both sides of the camera for two decades, shoots like this are 100% constructed and always rehearsed. It looks mean but it’s really not.

      Having said that, I’m please SORTED! readers have heart and compassion- thank you 🙂

  3. Organising, PLUS a mini lesson on gut flora! Not at all TDS, but entertaining. Thanks, Lissanne.

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