Cleaning before the cleaner comes?

don't let this be youDo you have the luxury of a cleaner (at home or work)? Do you tidy up before they come? Do you *clean* before they come?

If you DIY, do you have a routine?  Do other members of your household or your colleagues share the work? Do the kids pitch in?

Or, do you avoid cleaning at all costs? Me, I adore all water based chores but I leave the dusting until I absolutely can’t stand it any longer 🙂


8 responses to “Cleaning before the cleaner comes?

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  2. I like cooking but only fast practical meals and I tend to be propelled by hunger (instead of cooking ahead of time). Can’t stand washing up or mopping. Don’t mind vacuuming (but difficult with a little kid who freaks out at the noise). I have some kind of sickness where I thoroughly enjoy clothes washing, I think because really I just put the clothes in and the machine does the hard work.

  3. Having a fortnightly cleaner is incentive to “pick up & put away”. the more surfaces i can clear, the more get cleaned. why can’t I do this any other time?

  4. I have a cleaner, whom I love to bits, and she spoils me! I don’t clean before she comes, but I do move stuff so she has a clear run – there is a difference!!!

  5. I’ve had cleaners in the past but find (oddly) that I prefer to do it myself. Possibly because I work from home and it is a lot of distraction to have someone in my space. I have cleaning routines that I try to stick to – make bed each morning; one load of laundry per day; wipe bath and kitchen counters and toilets each day; cat litter; rubbish; no dishes left in the sink before bed.

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