Why are you in such a hurry?

hurryOur neighbour hops into her car, turns the engine and immediately drives off. Not even a second to warm the engine (bad for the engine).  Why is she in such a hurry every day?  Not a second to pause, to take a breath? I feel bad for her every time I hear her race off.

Does this sound like you, too? Why are you in such a hurry?


8 responses to “Why are you in such a hurry?

  1. Hi Lissanne, it all comes down to trying to pack in as much in one day as possible. I have my work days and then my errands days. The errand days can be crazy – running here, there and everywhere! I always try and do it in some sort of order to save time but still seem in a hurry. Love to have time to smell the roses but as a solo mum I don’t get much of this! Kaz (a.k.a. Legolady). P.S. Apparently modern cars do not require warm up time so not bad for the engine at least. Just so you know….

    • Hello legolady! That is good to know about modern car engines I am clearly old school 😉 thanks for the tip (My neighbour needs to know though – her car is old!)

      Maybe we need something like the slow food movement? The slow drive movement?! Ha!

    • Ah! I didn’t know that about modern engines… I’m not sure if that means 10 year old cars or 20 year old cars! But good to know, thank you.

      I just realised this particular neighbour talks non-stop too, and also sounds like she pits the handbrake on before she stops driving completely! NON STOP!

  2. I have been reading a few minimalist blogs lately and one of the best things I have taken from them is to drive slowly and mindfully, I love it, I take my time when I turn the engine on and i just enjoy driving mindfully and taking my time. What doesn’t get done today can wait for another day. I have four kids and lots to do but driving like a maniac no longer suits me! Yes I am all for the slow drive movement!

    • Jenni, I love it! You’re reminding us that it’s a choice, that’s brilliant. We can choose hurry, or we can choose mindfulness. Thank you for sharing, particularly good to hear “What doesn’t get done today can wait for another day.” and that you have FOUR kids. Kudos!

  3. I too am working on being more mindful. It is worth cultivating. You also learn to pay better attention, which can only be safer on the roads, right?

  4. oooooh….mindful driving! That’s something I’ve decided to focus on. Instead of having a hundred and one things swirling around in my head, this year will be ‘The Simple Art of Driving Well’ year. Smooth take off and stop, focus on the road, the conditions, the other cars around me, relaxing my shoulders, hands, etc. Instead of my usual stabbing at the pedals, wrenching at the wheel, body tense and mind elsewhere. Taking enjoyment in the act of driving, and driving well, rather than seeing it as a means to an end, so to speak.

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