Finished versus perfect. Who wins?

Recently, I culled all my scrap fabrics (ouch, it was tough) and decided to REALLY use it or lose it.  That super soft flanelette I had promised myself I’d made into jim jams? I did it.  They are NOT perfect. But finished is better than perfect. Near enough is good enough! Finished won!

Are you guilt of putting off tasks or projects unless they are perfect? Have you heard the expression: Perfect is the enemy of the good? Is there something you could start or complete rather than wait until the time is perfect or your skills are perfect? C’mon, you can do it!jim jams


10 responses to “Finished versus perfect. Who wins?

  1. Finishing something to the best of your ability wins every time, perfectionism is a curse, stops you achieving your potential and strips enjoyment from tasks.

  2. I am so guilty of not getting things done due to perfectionism – including housework. I live in almost total chaos. At times I am an accident waiting to happen. Then I think I will start and get overwhelmed so don’t finish. I am one of those who tidies by filling boxes and bags, putting them in a spare room (I have 3 of these) and closing the door.
    Today I will start on something – the dishes I think. That will be quick and easy and then the couch. It isn’t too bad today.
    I have tried to put things away when I come home from shopping (all, not just food shopping) and it works until I become engrossed in something else.
    I recently put all the clothes on my bed away – most of my clothes were there – because when I closed the curtains one evening I was stabbed twice by a trouser clothes hanger near my ankle. Since then I have managed to keep my bedroom OK.
    Also I have a stash of fabrics for many things, clothes, patchwork, gifts etc and will finish the quilt that I began in April 2012 for a baby born in December 2012. Fortunately I decided to make a single bed size so there are many years of use left in it. All I have to do is hem the binding on. But I was thinking in this heat it would be too much to do. Will see how I go though.
    Thanks for the great tips

  3. I agree. This is my year of finishing things. My son starts school soon so (hopefully) I will have a little more time on my hands. I have 4+ quilts that are in various stages on completion and I need to get them done. I also have lots of scraps that are too big to throw away but not big enough to make clothes with. I have decided to make them into reusable sandwich/snack bags to go into said sons lunchbox.

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