Organising challenge: summer 2014


My summer organising challenge is to discard 4,000 of my digital photographs. Hell yeah. I give myself until end of February 2014. I can’t tell you how many total pics I have, nor how many are of our cat, Roxy, because it’s too scary. But I will tell you they have been neglected for at least a year.

What’s your summer organising challenge? Goal setting is a clever way to achieve success.


14 responses to “Organising challenge: summer 2014

  1. Sounds like a good challenge. Might just join you in that, although setting a number may not work – perhaps mine will be to sort through all the photos taken in 2013, delete the ‘bad ones’ (essentially those which I would not bother printing), then categorize them a little better.

  2. I have a challenge to get rid of (throw away or give to charity or sell on gumtree) at least 5 things or group of things a day. I get quite obsessive about the challenge! It also helps when out shopping as I don’t think of having something new, I think about how one day I’m just going to have to get rid of it!

  3. Hi Lissanne
    This task is one of mine, how do you tackle organising, labelling your photos, how do you categorize them and work with so many digital pics

    • HI Michaela

      I use iPhoto which works for me. I know other people use Picasa (which I believe is also very good). Both systems use folders and can easily be labelled, tagged and categorised. The vast majority of my pics are well organised and labelled…..however, my primary issue is volume – many photos from the past ten years aren’t of value to me any more and I’m certainly never going to print them!

      I’m making friends with my delete key!

  4. Hi Lisanne,
    Have you thought about creating a Photo Book? Lots of places offer this service now or you can do it online. That’s my challenge, for travel photos! cheers

    • Hell yeah! That’s my goal! I haven’t used them yet, but I like It’s a nice way to tell the story of an event, but not that useful for ongoing albums.

      (thank you for your suggestion!)

  5. Clearing out that second draw in the kitchen, the one that has all those utensils in it. My challenge is to only keep things in that draw that are regularly used and have earned their place. I cleared all items from draw, put everything in a plastic tub and put the tub where I could access it when I needed to get something from it. Only when I used an item would it earn its place back in the draw. Its been a month already and there is not a lot back in the draw yet. I will give it about 3-4 months, after that, what I know I wont use will go to op shop, things I know I only use for specific cooking sessions a couple of times a year will go into a clear box up in the cupboard in the kitchen to be able to access only when I need to use it.

  6. I am so proud of self, am a quarter of the way through, should be half way through by later today! Go me! Love that delete key! Also sorting and categorising as I go with some un-dealt with stuff 🙂

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