Getting shit done

Like me, you may feel that university isn’t for you.  Too long, too expensive, and perhaps not as dynamic as learning could be. Or, perhaps uni isn’t that relevant for your chosen career.fitzroy-gsd-logo

I’m proud to be a mentor at a new school, The Fitzroy Academy of Getting Shit Done launching in early 2014 (Melbourne). I’m joining an extensive team of mentors who know their stuff.  We’ll help push out some fine grads doing even finer things.

Maybe you’ll join us?  I hope so.  The team, led by mover and shaker Will Dayble, is an intensive, four week programme that will help launch you and your chosen business. Check out their FAQ and website for more info. It’s all pretty exciting!! Fresh, fast and furious! Hang on for an intense and productive ride.

Just to be crystal clear: GSD does NOT teach you Professional Organising!  We offer that ourselves with our Training for Professional Organisers

While we’re talking education, what’s the most useless training, course or class you’ve ever done? You don’t have to name names… but I’d love to hear! I will never do a class on food safe handling again… I’ll never get that 5 hours back and I’m unlikely to use the knowledge in the near future.


7 responses to “Getting shit done

  1. This sounds awesome! The most useless course I ever did was an organising course at work. Don’t remember what it was called but I’ve never used anything I learned! It was mostly about shutting your office door and not talking to anyone. Didn’t make workdays very fun!

  2. though i didn’t have to pay for them myself, it was those motivational courses we did in high school. and organisational course would have been more useful in my opinion. maybe GSD may eventually be offered as an online course if it suits? btw, have been referring people to your book Lissanne, I still love it after all these years and still finding something new and relevant every time i read it

  3. Love the idea of you being a mentor, Lissanne. As for useless classes, all maths that veered into the parallel universe of trigonometry. Not all wasted, tho, because I began discovered my penchant for lists, ie “I’d rather be…..”, etc. Love your work.

  4. Thanks for posting about this programme. I’ve just registered to go on the mailing list, so I can find out about other upcoming sessions.

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