Join the garage sale trail!

While you’re clearing out, sorting out, decluttering and getting organised this spring, you might decide that having a garage sale is a grand idea. Well, you’re in luck, because The Garage Sale Trail (Saturday October 26th) can help you promote your sale.  Simply register your sale at their website, and peeps can easily find you and your stuff.


“100% of Garage Sale Trail sellers are awesome people” and the average sale makes around $400 say the organisers.

They also have loads of tips and ideas depending on what type of sale you are having eg you might decide to get your kids school involved, or gather your neighbours together for a larger event, or host a fashion sale with your gal pals.  Themed sales attract a lot of attention – do you remember The Man Sale @ Rickard Avenue last year?  So fun!  Click on “Get involved” on their website for downloadable tips and ideas.

In terms of practical tips, of which I am a ninja, remember, PLANNING IS KEY!  Everyone in the family can participate and contribute.  Here’s my top garage sale tips:


  1. Start now, and you have plenty of time to get organised and have a stonker sale.
  2. Designate an area where you can collect your boxes and bags of stock.  Keep adding to it over the coming weeks.
  3. Allow time the week before to sort into categories and start pricing.
  4. Ensure you organise your cash float in PLENTY of time, not the night before.  I’d suggest at least fifty dollars broken into 3 x 10 notes, and the rest in gold coins.  Keep your float and takings close to your body, ideally in a bum bag or deep apron pocket.When you tally up your takings, make sure you deduct your float.
  5. Be realistic about your start and finish times and remember if you don’t like early callers to say so in your listing.
  6. The day before, don’t forget signage, and some decorations (balloons are simple and effective), plus some lemonade or cakes for sale too.
  7. Presentation is everything!  A little effort to wipe or wash dirty items will help your cause.


  1. Your primary goal should ultimately to get rid of unwanted items rather than solely make money.  If you focus on money, you will be likely to ask too high a price for items, hence, things won’t sell.  People who purchase at garage sales want bargains!
  2. Include a large basket or box of “free” items – it feels good to give select items away! (magazines are a good one to just get rid for free rather than charge for).
  3. Remember to plan for any unsold items: load them in the car same day and head for your nearest op shop ASAP.

Register online now at  Registration is free, and you have the option to list items for sale with photos (this means peeps can spy a selection of your goods ahead of time). If you do register, please feel free to post your link below 🙂

Garage Sale Trail helps avoid landfill in a big way and helps you declutter, create more space and ensure items you no longer want or need go to a good home. Sounds perfect to me!  Get cracking people!



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