Another great Lego storage idea


How brilliant is this Duplo wall?  Not only a clever storage solution for Lego/Duplo but it a powerful visual impact too. Designed by I-Beam Design Duplo boards cover the full height of the walls.

At the Louisiana Museum in Copenhagen, Denmark, children are encouraged to write their names with Lego. Using just two colours has more impact than a full palette.


*I think I first saw these images on Pinterest, and have been unable to find the original source of the photos, although stories relating to the above can be found at

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4 responses to “Another great Lego storage idea

  1. Love the wall, My son has clear stackable containers from the Reject shop and has colour coded them, much easier to manage. we are also building a new home and including shelving in the family room and hallway to show off Lego creations for all to see!.

    • Hey Dana, the wall would just be sheets of um, whatever you stick duplo to! Looks like Big W stock them (they are round edged though). Googling images might work to find an Australian supplier too. Hope that helps!

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