Intrusive thoughts of intrusive thoughts

Team SORTED! attended a terrific seminar yesterday hosted by the Anxiety Recovery Centre, Vic here in Melbourne. Among the speakers was a psychologist specialising in anxiety and OCD in children.

She reminded us that we all have intrusive thoughts:

  • don’t touch the dirty door handle in the public toilets
  • watch out for the car about to hit you at the roundabout (even when there is no other car in sight)
  • triple checking the airline seat you are leaving, even though you know you’ve left nothing, but the thoughts don’t stop you re-checking.

She asked us to share our own intrusive thoughts. Sometimes, if I’m a bit anxious or tired i might count the stairs I am climbing.

A friend of mine says her intrusive thoughts are present when a train pulls into the train station and she visualises herself jumping in front of the train (I assure you she is not depressed or suicidal, it’s just a thought, not something she is planning to do).

Another friend says she sometimes can’t stop thinking about dialogue she’s had in social situations, when she perceives she’s said something awkward or silly – her brain will repeatedly replay the moment. Again and again.

Intrusive thoughts may also be in the form of music.  At my house, we regularly curse Nicki Minaj and Sophia Grace singing Super Bass.  From the moment we wake up.  How did that happen?! (Thank you Ellen Degeneres).

So you can see, intrusive thoughts are with all of us.  I’d love to hear yours! Or, if you have OCD, are there any thoughts you’ve managed to quieten? Image

Boom-da-boom-da-boom-da-boom-baaabbbbaay! SUPER BASS!


One response to “Intrusive thoughts of intrusive thoughts

  1. I have never heard of these things bring referred to as intrusive thoughts and from what I can tell, I have many. Just one is when I hear or read a word (normally just any random word that my brain has chosen) I will write the word over and over again with my index finger on the pad of my thumb or on my leg if sitting/driving.

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