Sammy Stamp needs you!

Sammy StampI received a beautiful letter from Margaret Beaumont from the Uniting Church a few days ago thanking us for our donation to Sammy Stamp. We collect used stamps on behalf of our clients, so I posted off a MASSIVE envelope a week ago. I was surprised and delighted to hear back! Margaret tells me they are struggling to secure stamp donations. Maybe you can assist?

What happens to to the stamps?  They are sold on to raise money for projects internationally (for example, assisting to rebuild a kindergarten in Tonga).

Some tips on collecting and preparing stamps:

We encourage you to save all Australian and overseas stamps as well as Met cards. It is very helpful if you also trim and sort the stamps as follows:

  • Please leave the stamps attached to paper (buyers prefer them, less damage due to handling).
  • To trim the stamps cut (not tear) around the stamp leaving a 3mm (1/8 inch) surround.
  • Separate the stamps which are ‘on’ paper from those which are ‘off’ paper.
  • DISCARD stamps which are heavily franked, torn, thinned, biro cancelled or sticky taped.
  • Leave PRE-STAMPED envelopes intact as complete envelopes.
  • Place the sorted stamps in plastic bags or used envelopes. Please DO NOT tie with cotton/rubber bands, seal with staples, nor wrap in Gladwrap.

Stamps can be delivered or posted to:

UCAF Office
4th Floor
130 Little Collins Street

****Please DO NOT post them to us at SORTED!****

For futher information (worth a quick read) click here.


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