$50K found in op shop bag – WWYD?

bags$50K found in op shop bag on  the Sunshine Coast…. Would you keep it? Or hand it in?

Have you ever found a wallet, a mobile phone, a piece of jewellery? What did you do? Feel free to tell your story like this: “A friend of mine…”

13 responses to “$50K found in op shop bag – WWYD?

  1. I found a PDA on the bus many years ago ,.. looked up the phone book on it, called the ‘Mum’ and a couple of days later the owner showed up on my door step with a v nice bottle of champagne.
    I lost my wallet in the middle of a very large park, the person that found it, drove a long way (over an hour) to return it to me.
    so I would always hand something in …. unless it is cash found on the street…

  2. I’d hand it in… If I lost cash like that I’d hope someone would do the same thing! Years ago, someone I worked with did us a favour by fixing the roof rack on our car. His wallet fell out onto the roof of the car and when we left it fell off at a nearby roundabout. Someone found it and returned it intact. I left a bag of pricey cosmetics in a shopping centre, and the receipt had my name and phone number on it. The person who found it not only let me know, but they dropped it back to me! There are lots of good people out there. Lastly, we had a funny case of finding someone’s property – when away from home one day (about 30 kms away!) a cat hid amongst the gear on the car’s roof rack, and travelled the entire way home, including a stop-off at the supermarket. We rang the people whose place we’d been at and it turned out to be their neighbour’s cat. To say they were unhappy about having to pick the cat up is an understatement! 🙂

    • I’m with you Nicoll- put the shoe on the other foot and we have the answer…. we’d all home someone honest would do same and return the cashola or goos.

      How very lovely re the cosmetics – and the cat story… arrrggghhhhhhhh! I would be so cross if our Roxa did that!

  3. Certainly would return it! No question- how could anyone live with the knowledge thay had someone else’s property. That said, I have been robbed several times at home, including being in the house at one time, and soon after the last incident, wore a beautiful bracelet made from my grandfather’s gold watch chain to a lunch with friend’s, and realised when I arrived home it had slid off my wrist somewhere between my car and the venue. It was never handed in. So we live in a divided world, don’t we. I have always got such a thrill out of returning something I have found, and have got great joy and a warmed heart from having a stranger go out of their way to assist me in any way. This year I faced a long long walk from a station to my home when the daughter who was picking me up was at home too ill to retrieve me. I was plodding up a very steep hill,in my street when I young woman passed me in her car, and stopped a few doors away, waited in her car, t hen as I drew level, asked if I was OK. I was so grateful – I explained, and was very appreciative of her offer to drive me the last part of the journey.She was an answer to a fervent prayer, and I wish blessings upon her!

  4. Oh my gosh, I love the story about how you got a lift! My dear friend Melly has been known to offer seniors lifts, so sweet. You are right about us being dived too. Well said, Heather!

  5. A very friendly cat wandered into our courtyard. His tag said Angus, with a phone number and address about a kilometre away. We left a message on the phone, then decided to carry Angus home again. Yes, it looked pretty funny as he was a Big Cat. No one was home but he popped in the cat door and was greeted by another cat there. Good deed done, we left warm and happy.

    That night we received a call from the owners, thanking us for returning Angus – however he’d recently been given to friends of theirs – who lived in the unit next door to us! Angus became a regular visitor and his humans were lovely people too.

  6. A wallet was left on a tram. Found his tel no. and rang. I wasn’t thanked, just excused of taking it!
    Tell me, If I had stole it, would I return it? No. Once bitten, twice shy, I’ll leave it where I see it.

  7. Many years ago when studying at RMIT I found a wallet full of cash … It had some ID in it but instead of locating the person who’s wallet it was I just handed it in to the office … I will never know if the wallet made it to the owner as I never heard ( despite leaving name and phone number) … I would still return anything found but now would track down the person directly … Shoe on other foot scenario again – which is EXACTLY why this country should be letting assylum seekers in – in droves! They actually aren’t doing anything wrong ( sorry I digress) – shoe on other foot scenario again …

  8. Found a watch on the street, put an ad in the paper and it was claimed – scored a box of chocolates as a reward. Do what your conscience tells you to do, and what lets you sleep at night.

  9. Yes, I found a mobile phone one night when I was walking my dog – Yvy. It was in pieces – I found one piece then another as I walked along. About our or five pieces altogether. When got home I assembled all the bits and checked the phone book . . . Until I found “Mum” I called the number. When answered I explained what happened and left my phone number. A day later I received a Call from a young lady who came over to retrieve her phone. She said she left it on the roof of the car. So grateful to get her phone back.

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