The Inaction Matrix

What a huge influence Stephen Covey (1942 – 2012) was. Hard to believe it’s been one year since he died. do something!Stephen will long be remembered for his good work on productivity and time management.  You might be familiar with his Time Management Matrix:

The time management matrix

By Dr Stephen R Covey
from The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People:

  Urgent Not urgent
Important II
Activities, Crisises, Pressing problems, Deadline driven-projects
Activities, Prevention, PC Activities, Relationship Building, Recognizing new opportunities, Planning, Recreation
Not important III
Activities, Interruptions, some calls, some mail, some reports, some meetings, Provimate, pressing matters, Popular activities
Activities, Trivia, busy work, some mail, some phone calls, time wasters, Pleasant achievers

The above table gave me inspiration to create:

The inaction matrix

By Lissanne Oliver
With apologies to Stephen Covey

  Boring Sounds boring
Hard I
Screen time instead
Can’t be bothered
Sounds hard III
I’ll do it later
Can’t decide

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