Sold? Don’t be told.

End of financial year, Mothers day, fathers day, back to school, Christmas, end of year, new year blah blah blah BEWARE of being sold anything on this basis. Don’t be told!Money

  • Shop when you need.
  • Shop locally whenever possible.
  • Shop with care.
  • Purchase when you fall in love. For life.
  • Purchase the best quality you can afford.
  • Don’t be disposable: acquiring is easy… discarding can be complicated.
  • Don’t shop when you’re upset.
  • Don’t shop the dream (the bigger home, the better car, the more expensive piece of bling). You’re already doing well.  Trust me.
  • Someone’s trying to PROFIT off your emotions.  Keep them in check.

It’s taken me many, many years to moderate my shopping habits to keep them in check. You can practice moderation too.
What’s your shopping style?  Frugal or fantastic? Any other tips you can share?






10 responses to “Sold? Don’t be told.

  1. Don’t food shop when hungry. Shop around, not only for price of item but price of delivery. Don’t buy extended warranties. Only buy in bulk if the items will keep for as long as it takes to use them all up, and you have storage space. Try charity shops.

  2. When I moved ‘south’ after 18 years in the Northern Territory I was in a continual state of seasonal confusion when I hit the shopping centres. Mid-season sales, end-of-season sales, new season sales happening at random times of the year – not at all related to the Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter I’d left behind when I moved to the Top End. Drives me crazy. If they can mark down like this do they really think anyone would pay full price? Do we really need what they are trying to sell us?

    • Thanks Sue! The bottomline with all flyers, business cards, tv commercials, radio ads… etc is someone wants your hard-earned dollars out of your pocket and into theirs!

  3. When I shop I aways ask myself if I really need an item and if I will survive without it…. Works wonders. I also ‘junk mail shop’ – I go through and pick out all of the things that I like or are a good price that take my fancy and then throw it all in the bin. If I really want something I have to make the effort to actually go to the shop to get it but have usually forgotten all about the useless items after a few hours if that 😀

  4. Don’t buy things you don’t need. Period. I used to get sucked in to the $5 & $10 tops until I realised I had a drawerful of tops I never wore. I started asking myself, “if this was $50-$100, would I still buy it?” The answer’s always no!

    • LOVE IT! So true. I have done exactly that at op shops and cheapie clothes stores… you think, oh it’s only a fiver. But you are right, the answer is always no! Thanks for the great tip 🙂

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